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PRELAUNCH: 26th February @ 9AM EST
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TrafficFresh is a desktop application that helps you strategically get tons of free traffic by leveraging TOP INFLUENCERS in your niches using our 'Sky Scraper' strategy. It helps you create content with 'built-in' traffic that is strategically made to be shared by top influencers.

It also helps you find social (Google+, Twitter, FB, Linked-in) and forum discussions happening in your niches for you to participate and get more traffic, more leads, and content ideas from. PLUS it also helsp you with link building by finding guest post opportunities, comment opportunities and by letting you find submissions opportunities at rounds up and review sites.

PRELAUNCH: 26th February @ 9AM EST
CART OPENS: 28th February @ 9AM EST


There's been some great video and content creation tools launched, but the major
complaint of JVZoo (and many marketers in general) is that it's too hard to get cheap, targeted traffic to them.

PPC ads are too expensive to send cold traffic, and backlinking/ranking tools simply don't
work anymore. Instead of trying manipulate rankings or spam communities for traffic, this software takes a new, value added approach for modern times.

Traffic Fresh is a software that helps automate 100% whitehat traffic strategies to allow users
to quickly get fast, relevant, and free traffic to their videos and content.

These includes the 'skyscraper' strategy used by traffic gurus like Neil Patel & Brian Dean
to help guarantee content gets shared & linked to by targeted influencers.

Instantly find 'pockets' of relevant traffic to tap into.

Helps create 'crowdsourced' content & videos for guaranteed instant engagement.

Goes beyond just keyword research to help you create content top influencers will want to share.

Searches and grades influencers you can reach out to in any niche.

Allows you to tap into trending topics or content about to go viral for traffic.

At $37 LITE and $47 Pro, this is a 100% no-brainer deal for your customers.
Traffic software are very popular and when you bring something that really works and delivers proven results, they will jump on it instantly. TrafficFresh is a super easy sell and perfect for: Traffic generation, List Building, SEO, Link Building, Amazon affiliates, WordPress, Ecommerce, Social media, FB ads, Teespring, Shopify customers.


Instantly find 'pockets' of relevant traffic
to tap into

Allows you to tap into trending topics or content about to go viral for traffic

Goes beyond just keyword research to help guarantee you create a piece of content top influencers will want to share

Searches and grades influencers you can reach out to in any niche

Helps create 'crowdsourced' content & videos for guaranteed instant engagement

Finds the best opportunities now to submit your videos/postsfor fast, relevant traffic

Traffic Fresh works for TODAY'S more saturated Internet without violating any site's TOS or trying to 'trick' Google or YouTube for traffic

Watch this quick case study of how I got 1000+ views, hundreds of shares from influencers, and 179 targeted subscribers in a brand new blog in the Cross Fit niche from scratch in 2 days with no SEO or PPC or email list or connections!



LINKFRESH essentially helps your customers find Backlink opportunities that can yield high PR, dofollow links they can build manually for long term traffic and SEO. LinkFresh is a must needed addition to the frontend because it focuses on longterm SEO rankings the whitehat way. While, Traffic Fresh focuses on fast, targeted traffic; LinkFresh is the ONLY software that finds whitehat SEO link opportunities for users to naturally form high-quality, high PR links without worrying about being penalized.


Leverage Authority is a premium traffic course that mainly focuses on teaching your customers on how they can correctly find and get traffic joint venture partners.

This has never been explained or taught before, and includes many in depth tutorials of how anyone can start from scratch and form meaningful and lucrative partnerships to help benefit their business and get long term converting traffic.

(50-200-UL licenses)


As if this isn’t already a complete no-brainer, especially at this price, we’re also
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Cyril Gupta

“Abhi is one of the smartest product and funnel designers I know.He can identify exactly what will work in a product and select the perfect angle to push it. I am also impressed by his knowledge of the market and the wide network that he's built. Definitely the go to guy if you have a question, any question about Internet Marketing.”

Ankur Shukla

“Abhi is one of the smartest marketers I know and has launched some amazing products that have been bestsellers. My audience loves when I promote his products coz they are useful, practical and very much needed. Always recommend promoting this offers :)”

Radu Hahaianu

“Abhi is one of the most dedicated product launchers and affiliate partners I know. Whether it's a new product he's putting out or a campaign he's promoting for you, he's always going all out for you AND for your customers. That means when he launches, I promote, because I know he's going to have crazy EPCs and he'll promote me back every time as well”

Martin Crumlish

“I’ve worked with Abhi both as a partner in the past on some launches and many times as an affiliate for his launches, and with him as an affiliate for mine. Every time, I always got solid EPC’s for his products, and he always promotes back with his full support. You can’t ask for anything more in a JV relationship and if you support Abhis work, you can be sure of his full support and your own customers being very happy with your recommendation.”

Aravindh S.

Abhi has been my affiliate for more than 2 years now, he consistently sends over 500-750 clicks to his email promos and does very well with my launches. If there is one partner that I can rely on, its him! I just love the way he deals with his customers, and his offers convert big time!So if you do get a chance to mail for his launches, make sure you hit it hard!”

Precious Ngwu

“It’s been years since my debut in Internet Marketing and I’ve had the chance to work with 100s all the way to thousands of people as JV partners, vendors or as affiliates and none of them have beaten the experience I’ve had working with Abhi Dwivedi.
I’ve worked with him as…
- Vendor
- Affiliate
- JV partner
And in all circles, he came out a solid winner, in fact because of how badass he is…we’ve actually gotten even closer from being just JV partners to being great friends, someone I can actually confide in with absolute confidence both in times of my need, rough and oh yea… in times sweet ass money making too. Simply put…Abhi is one of the best guy out there…period!”

Neil Napier

Not only is Abhi an experienced marketer, he is also a good friend who I can trust to promote and work closely with. He is a KEEN strategist and has an eye for picking winners everytime with products he create and launches. As an affiliate he has always featured on my leaderboards anytime he has pushed for a launch! If you get a chance - work with him!

Abhi Dwivedi


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